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Data Source:City of Aurora (Station cooperator)
Water District:23

Location - Lat. N38° 54’ 54.54”, Long. W105° 41’03.34” ((WGS84) as spotted from Google Earth). Flow meters in a vaulted turnout off the Homestake Pipeline approximately 5.25 mi. SW of the Spinney Mountain Reservoir Dam, in Park County, CO.

Drainage Area and Period of Record - The “Spinney Tap” is Aurora’s delivery component of the Homestake pipeline project; delivering transbasin water to Spinney Mountain Reservoir. Period of Record: N/A

Gage - Transbasin delivery of water from the Colorado and Arkansas basins into the South Platte basin. Flow is comprised of water imported from the following sources: Direct importation from sources in the Eagle River (Colorado River Basin); transmountain water stored in Homestake Reservoir (Colorado River Basin), Turquoise and Twin Lakes reservoirs (Arkansas River Basin) from previous years and native Arkansas River water transferred from points downstream. All flow is diverted to Twin Lakes Reservoir where it is transported to the Otero Pump Station via the Homestake Pipeline. (Homestake Water Project) The pipeline delivers water to Spinney Mountain Reservoir at a bifurcation on the pipeline (Spinney Tap). After the Spinney Tap the pipeline continues to the Rampart Reservoir owned by the City of Colorado Springs. Two 30 inch Venturi meters off the Homestake Pipeline upstream of two sleeve type (Bailey) control valves with open discharge. One is the main discharge valve to Spinney Mountain Reservoir (Discharge No. 1) and the other (Discharge No. 2) serves as a pressure-relief valve for the pipeline. Both meters are monitored by a Sutron SatLink Data Collection Platform (DCP) and by Aurora and the City of Colorado Spring’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. The Venturi meters, DCP, SCADA system and facilities are owned and maintained by the City of Aurora. City of Aurora Instrumentation division calibrates the venturi meters, direct comparison with current meter measurements shows accuracy within ±5 %.