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Data Source:Co. Division of Water Resources
Water District:65

Location - Lat. N.40°04'54.0"; Long. W. 102°7'23.24" (WGS84). Gage is on the right side of a 5 ft. Parshall flume along the Pioneer Ditch 4 mi east of Wray, CO, and 1000 ft. south of U.S. Highway 34. in Yuma County, CO.

Drainage Area and Period of Record - Controlled diversion from the North Fork of the Republican River. Since the ditch is senior to any downstream users, it will frequently dry the river at its headgate, which is about 5 miles from the Stateline. Rush Creek comes into the river between the Pioneer headgate and the USGS gage on the Stateline. Period of Record: N/A

Gage - Digital Incremental Sutron SDI-12 shaft encoder connected to a Sutron SatLink 2 Satellite Monitoring Data Collection Platform (DCP) transmitting hourly in a metal box enclosure and well section at a 5 -foot Parshall flume in a concrete lined canal. The canal is equipped with a timber suspended in the flow to slow down velocities into the flume. The primary reference is the outside staff gage.