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Data Source:Co. Division of Water Resources
Water District:23

Location - Lat. N38° 59’ 37.96”, Long. W105° 56’ 40.31” (NAD83). Gage is located on the left side of a 10-ft Cipoletti Weir directly below Antero Reservoir.

Drainage Area and Period of Record - 191 sqmi (USGS Colorado StreamStats utility). Period of Record: Daily values are available from the DWR from October 1, 1975 to present.

Gage - Sutron 56-0540-400-DTR shaft encoder connected to a Sutron SatLink 2 satellite Data Collection Platform (DCP) with an independent standalone Sutron SDR-0001-1 in a concrete shelter over a 48 inch concrete stilling well at a 10 ft. sharp-crested stainless steel Cipolletti weir centered in a rectangular concrete wall within a concrete trapezoidal canal section. The well is connected to channel by two 4-inch intakes located at the same elevation. An electric tape gage located on a equipment shelf is the primary reference. There are no supplemental gage provisions. The shaft encoder was replaced with a Sutron SDR-0001-1 and the DCP was upgraded to a Sutron SatLink2 V2 DCP on June 29, 2014. Gage is operated in cooperation of the Denver Water Board (DWB) and the Colorado Division of Water Resources (DWR). Facilities are owned and maintained by DWB.