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Data Source:Co. Division of Water Resources
Water District:64

Location - Lat. N40°59’26.3”, Long. W102°14’54.9” (WGS84). The gage is located 500 ft. south of the point where County Rd. 34.5 goes over the Statline Ditch, near the Sedgwick County Fairgrounds entrance or 0.84 miles east of the Sedgwick County Court house in Julesburg, CO. County Rd. 34.5 can only be accessed from Hwy 385 south of the Hwy 385 / Hwy 138 interchange.

Drainage Area and Period of Record - The Stateline Ditch conveys unused waters from the Settlers and Peterson ditch systems, as well as augmentation water added to the ditch systems for compact compliance purposes to the South Platte River above the Colorado-Nebraska state line. Period of Record: Diversion records are available from 2001 to present. From October 1, 2007 to present the Hydrographic and Satellite Monitoring Branch has also maintained a record.

Gage - Campbell Scientific CS476 radar unit suspended over the flume at the Ha location connected to a Sutron SatLink 2 Satellite Monitoring Data Collection Platform (DCP) in NEMA4 metal box enclosure at a 4-foot Parshall flume. The steel Parshall flume is installed in concrete. The ditch is earthen above and below this point.