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Data Source:Co. Division of Water Resources
Water District:7

Location - Lat. N.39° 37' 22.36", Long. w105° 47' 29.61" (Spotted from Google Earth (NAD83)). Gage is located in a tunnel at the upstream end of Vidler tunnel near Argentine pass above the Keystone Ski Area in Summit County, CO.

Drainage Area and Period of Record - Transmountain diversion diverting water from collection points around Horseshoe Basin, tributary of the Snake River in the Colorado River Basin, to Leavenworth creek, tributary to Clear Creek in the South Platte River Basin. Period of Record: N/A

Gage - Digital incremental Sutron Stage Discharge Recorder SDR-0001-1 (SDR) connected to a Sutron SatLink 2 Data Collection Platform (DCP) transmitting hourly. SDR is located on the left side of a 2-ft. Parshall Flume directly at the tunnel entrance. A staff gage is mounted on the right wall at Ha location. The City of Golden maintains a secondary SDR-0001-1 at this site. Log files can be made available upon request. The City of Golden owns, operates and maintains all facilities.